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To develop and maintain a business critical environment represents a significant cost. Not only the acquisition cost of the enterprise class devices takes into account, but the datacenter location, the costs of power and cooling, the required license fee, and the cost of the appropriately qualified professionals. Further increases the costs when the business plan requires continuous (7/24 hour) operation.

As a solution we provide enterprise systems for our customers without investment, in a monthly fee scheme.

Opposite to other solutions, our services is adjusted to the customer needs, not the customer needs have to be adjusted to the services. With our cloud services, our customers can use their proven applications there is no need to implement new software.

Benefits of Cloud solutions:

  • Applications are available from anywhere via secure connections.
  • Flexibly expandable environment, by that the current applications can be used further in cloud environment.
  • No local data storage, no data loss in case of client device failure. Work can be continued from the last status after login from another device.
  • No local data storing, so in case of any theft of the client device the data shall not be accessed by third parties.