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The world of IT has become so diversified the specialization is inevitable. Our company specializes in data storage solutions and in infrastructure layers.

This includes:

  • Servers,
  • Storages,
  • Networks,
  • Virtualization layers
  • through Operation system level.

We excels at troubleshoot complex problems due to Our extensive knowledge and the experience in everyday operation of business-critical environments. The vendor support usually relate to particular environment however in a heterogeneous environment, there are many interacting factors that can lead to performance problems or improper operation. Our vendor partners regularly asks us to explore those kind of anomalies and troubleshoot.

Our clients typically come to us for two kind of reasons:

- They have a problem – like system shutdown, improper operation, and performance problems.

- They want to be sure that the established business critical environment will work as expected.

In an established system painful points can often come out. There is always something that is not working properly, or not providing the performance what is needed. Many risk factors can cause insufficient performance or poses a threat to the entire system. Most of the IT jobs are so called ‘after the last moment’ troubleshooting and there is a little chance for forethoughtful strategic planning.

On System Engineer level primary task means to prevent errors. We can help you to explore the bottleneck of the system and suggest some troubleshooting expediency.

  • Review of existing IT infrastructure systems
  • Occasional data security survey, system audit
  • Creating backup plan, implementation and review
  • Recovery tests with dedicated devices
  • Optimization
  • Delivery and implementation of new devices/solutions.

After reducing system security risks we can help daily or occasional tasks as required.

  • Operation of business-critical systems
  • 7/24-hour monitoring
  • Hardware availability, providing a dedicated replacement device with system engineer support.
  • System operation, support
  • Project based system engineering - with data guarantee exclusively in Hungary